Holding two workshops to introduce the portal to the sector

Among the most important priorities of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Marine In order to develop a clear vision of the sector’s work, the matter requires activating the sectoral information and documentation center in line with the requirements of the stage and obtaining information and data related to agricultural, animal and marine production, as well as technical cadres working in the sector in order to qualify them and raise performance rates.

In this context, the center held two workshops to introduce the electronic portal to the sector under the supervision of Eng. Mahmoud Abu Jaafar Al-Suwaiem, the director general of the center and some of the specialists of the center

The first … at the Higher Institute of Technical Sciences in Nalut municipality on Wednesday 12/12/2019, and in the presence of gentlemen, sector coordinators in the municipalities of Nalut, Mawzan and delegates from the sector in the municipalities of (Nalut – Wazan – Al-Hawamid – Al-Harba – Daraj – Kabo) were opened with the words of:

Mr. Nalut Agriculture Sector Coordinator and Mr. / Director General of the Information and Documentation Center.

It was covered in the media by a number of satellite channels and the local media, including the official Libyan Panorama and Libya channel, which was given to them a note on the mechanism of flow of data and information from the agricultural sectors in the municipalities to the center through the electronic portal.

And the second … at the headquarters of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Ifrane, in the presence of Mr. Shaban Hammad, a member of the Municipal Council in Ifrane and Mr. / Dr. Fathi Hamida is the deputy of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Ifrane and the coordinators of the agriculture sectors in the municipalities (Gharyan – Kakleh – Ifrane – Al Rayyana – Al Rajban – Gado) and delegates for the municipalities (Yafran – Al Rahaibat – Jadu – Al Asba’a – Gharyan – Zintan – Rayyan – Castle – Al Rajban – Kiklah – Al Shaqqa).

The workshop was opened with words of welcome by Mr. Yafran, the coordinator of the agricultural sector, Mr. Shaaban Hammad, a member of the Municipal Council in Beveren, and Mr. Director-General of the Information and Documentation Center. This workshop continued until three in the afternoon.

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