Animal, agricultural and marine investment Department

And it shall assume the powers assigned to it according to Cabinet Resolution No. (101) for the year 2012 AD referred to, through the following sections:

First: – Department of Economic Affairs, with the following competencies:
List all agricultural products and services needed by the Libyan market, and prepare preliminary studies thereon.
List all existing agricultural production and service units, and recommend their investment and the contracting mechanism for them.
Preparing periodic reports on the agricultural and animal production sites invested and the Kingdom to ensure that they continue in the objectives for which they were established and that the investing parties implement the contracts concluded in the best way.
Reviewing and recommending investor proposals and proposing any exemptions, facilities or incentives for the investor and coordination with the relevant authorities.
Study and submit proposals regarding agricultural areas targeted for investment.
Proposing investment projects that contribute to spatial development and food security.
Collect and publish information and prepare studies related to agricultural investment.
Preparing and compiling an integrated database that will be the basis for the investment map project.
Providing the investor with the necessary economic data when preparing the project feasibility study.
Submit periodic reports on the department’s work progress.
Second: – Technical Affairs Department, with the following competencies:
Surveying and documenting all agricultural properties targeted for investment or development.
Reviewing the maps and designs proposed by the investors and preparing the plans of the targeted investment projects in coordination with the expertise houses.
Provide technical opinion regarding the technical obstacles that the project faces.
Coordination with the competent authorities to approve technical plans and issue the necessary licenses.
Providing the investor with the necessary conditions and technical specifications when preparing a feasibility study for the project.
Preparing the technical studies necessary to develop the production and service units in order to prepare them before submitting them to the investment.
Preparing brochures to present investment opportunities.
Submit periodic reports to the implementation and operation phases of investment projects.
Inventory of cases of encroachment on the lands targeted by investment and coordination with the relevant departments to recover them
Submit periodic reports on the department’s work progress.
Third: The Promotion Department, with the following competencies:
Proposing marketing plans for investment opportunities.
Contribute to activating the investment map.
Identify the leading global markets in areas targeted for investment.
Publicity and promotion of the Libyan investment law and the benefits, exemptions and guarantees it provides.
Follow up on local and international exhibitions and conferences and propose to participate in them.
Preparing files, brochures and brochures promoting agricultural investment in Libya.
Participate in the educational and awareness campaigns of farmers and develop their investment concept.
Providing the Libyan embassies and their commercial attachés with all the necessary measures and would contribute to the promotion in coordination with the International Cooperation Office.
Submit periodic reports on the department’s work progress.
The administration is affiliated with the following bodies: –
The productive complex of poultry and cows in Al-Herah.
The productive complex of chickens and cows, Tawergha.
The productive complex of poultry and cows Ghot Sultan.
The productive complex of poultry in Tuwaish.
The productive complex of poultry, Akaria.
Benghazi Poultry and Egg Production Project.
Re-establishment project with a mortgage.
Jendouba Poultry Project.
Al-Ajilat Cattle Station.
Dokan Domestic Station.
Station visited to raise quail.
Abu Shiba hangars for poultry mothers.

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