Human Resources Development Department

And it undertakes the tasks assigned to it according to Cabinet Resolution No. (101) for the year 2012 AD referred to, through the following sections:

First: the job conditioning department, which specializes in the following:

  • Defining the features of each job in the ministry in terms of its duties, responsibilities, tasks entrusted to it, its requirements and the conditions that must be met by whoever occupies it, in cooperation and coordination with the competent authorities and departments.
    Preparing proposals to amend the features of some jobs to complete their job description according to the exact criteria to determine the requirements and conditions of their occupants
    Collecting the information necessary to evaluate the performance of its employees and departments and preparing a comprehensive database containing all data related to coordination and cooperation with the relevant authorities
    Preparing questionnaires and surveys to identify obstacles to the optimum performance of work and those assigned to them.
    Preparing periodic and annual performance evaluation reports to guide them in selecting targeted training programs and following up and evaluating employees (trainees) and evaluating the quality of programs and the performance of trainers implementing them in all specialties and cadres working in the ministry to choose the necessary training for each of them to advance them
    Searching for problems, assessing weaknesses in performance, administrative and functional development, and proposing to remedy them through training.
    Study some of the conditions for a group of employees and develop proposals to address them in order to remove obstacles that limit the optimal performance of their tasks
    Follow-up and encouragement of talented employees to stand out and excel and take care of their achievements, scientific projects and inventions related to the field of the Ministry’s competence and embody their ideas in the field of work
    Preparing periodic reports on the field of work of the department.

Second: The Training and Development Department, which specializes in the following: –

  • Study the needs of each department of the training plan to be implemented and set the priorities of each
    Plan a plan according to a specific period of time for training the employees, both according to the needs of the organization that follows it and the type of job it occupies.
    Follow-up to the regulations organizing training and setting standards and the foundations on which to nominate employees.
    Developing a strategy to qualify the Ministry’s employees to keep pace with modern technologies by setting the necessary plans for that.
    Follow up on scientific and training cooperation agreements and exchange of experiences and scientific research with the relevant authorities inside and outside.
    Study the difficulties and obstacles that may hinder the implementation of plans and training programs and propose ways to address them.
    Coordination with the specialized agencies in preparing equipment, halls and locations necessary for holding local and international courses, seminars and conferences, and supervising the preparations related to their establishment.
    Setting criteria for offers, creating conditions and specifications sheets for the various training centers, and making comparisons between them.
    Coordination with the bodies implementing the training programs to ensure proper implementation of the roundabouts and programs related to training employees, following up the trainees in income and abroad and preparing the necessary reports in their regard.
    Supervising the establishment of seminars, lectures and forums related to the work of the Ministry and organizing procedures for the attendance of employees and technicians to participate in conferences, seminars and workshops at home and abroad in coordination with the competent authorities.
    Coordination with the Ministry of Planning and Follow-up Department with regard to the budget allocated for the development of human resources in the ministry before setting the annual training plan and determining its financial needs and preparing periodic reports on the progress of the training program.
    Cooperation and coordination with local, regional and international organizations and scientific institutions in the field of training and qualification of technical cadres in various disciplines and participating with them in the programs that they organize through coordination with the International Cooperation Office.
    Participate in the nomination of Ministry employees to complete higher studies at home and abroad and coordinate with the competent authorities to reserve seats for study at universities in Arab and foreign countries for candidates.
    Coordination with research centers and public libraries in joint activities and information exchange.
    Coordination with other ministries to establish joint programs within bilateral activities.
    Preparing periodic reports on the field of work of the department.
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