Organizational Chart

The Ministry, in accordance with the administrative structure, shall have administrative components that are affiliated with the regions, to be established and organized, and to determine its competencies by a decision of the Minister and in a manner that does not conflict with the provisions of this decision.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Marine Affairs belongs to the following entities:

Agricultural bank.
Marine Resources General Authority.
Cereal Production Authority.
Fezan Agricultural Development Authority.
Development Authority for infidels and beds.
Jabal Al Akhdar Development Authority.
Industrial River Water Investment Authority (Plain of Benghazi).
Industrial River Water Investment Authority (Central Region).
Industrial River Water Investment Authority (Al-Jafara / Jabal Al-Hasawneh)
Agricultural Police Service.
Agricultural and Animal Research Center.
Marine Biology Research Center.
Information and Documentation Center.
The National Center for Prevention and Agricultural Quarantine.
National Center for Animal Health.
National Center for Desert Locust Control.
National Committee to Combat Desertification.
Seed evaluation and approval committee.
Medicines and Preparations Registration Committee.
Agricultural Pesticides Registration Committee.

The organizational structure of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Marine consists of the following main divisions:

Planning and Follow-up Department.
Administrative and Financial Affairs Department.
Rangeland and forest management.
Agricultural Development Department.
Animal Production Department.
Gardening management.
Agricultural, animal and marine investment management.
Agricultural Land Protection Department.
Agricultural Resources Development Department.
Agricultural and Marine Media Cooperation and Extension Department.
Minister’s Office.
Legal Affairs Office.
International Cooperation Office.
Internal Audit Office.
Advisors office.
Office of the Undersecretary.

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