Word of the Minister

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

We have mercy on the souls of our righteous martyrs who have provided the most precious sacrifices for the freedom, pride, and dignity of Libya. We ask God Almighty to enter them into his vast paradises, and we pray to the Almighty to heal our valiant wounds and return the lost to their loved ones unharmed ..
The agriculture, livestock and marine sector is an essential pillar in achieving sustainable development that ensures the provision of resources and a decent life for all citizens and contributes effectively to achieving food security through applying scientific methods in agriculture and increasing productivity and creating job opportunities that ensure the success of development plans in this vital sector.
The limited natural resources available and the harsh climatic conditions in Libya directly affect the success of agricultural development programs, which confirms the importance of preserving, developing, developing, protecting them from deterioration, and making optimal use of them to achieve sustainable agricultural development. All of this requires setting realistic strategies, plans and programs that are consistent with the data. Prevailing natural conditions, and formulating policies with clear goals that enable the optimal utilization of available natural resources within the framework of the concept of comprehensive development.

Today, the world suffers from an acute food crisis that had the greatest impact on the agricultural economy in many countries. These crises demonstrated the extent of the fragility of the agricultural production sector and the urgent need to take care of it and support it after suffering for long periods of neglect and weak funding and spending, through reformulating agricultural policies and Setting plans and programs that ensure the cohesion of this sector and achieve its goals and its ability to face crises.
On the occasion of the launch of the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Marine, we look forward to communicating with citizens in general and farmers in particular through this site to inform them about the plans and work programs of the sector in accordance with the standards of transparency that laid the foundations of the seventeenth revolution of February and we hope that the site is a window for all segments of the Libyan society and a source of information For researchers to ensure communication and exchange of experiences ..

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Marine

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