How do we preserve grapes?

Grapes are one of the types of fruits that grow at the beginning of the summer. They are distinguished by their soft scales and delicious taste. Grapes grow on a wooden tree that is known to everyone (varicose veins). Their numbers range from 6 to 100 in one cluster.

What are the pests of grape blisters?


Grape clusters are infected with some diseases that make them not consumable, which also affect grape leaves, which leads to crop damage. Among the diseases that must be controlled are:

Grape Worm: Some insects feed on ripe and immature grape fruits, which causes them to rot and damage them.
Fluffy whiteness: the disease affects both leaves and fruits and turns gray, causing cracks and rotting.
Powdery mildew: a disease that appears in the form of a fungus that affects fruits and leaves, causing fruit rot. The disease can be transmitted from one cluster to another.
Dry grape fruit: Dehydration occurs because of the bees that absorb the water inside the fruit, causing it to dry and thus damage.

Ways through which to preserve grape leaves and fruits

There are several ways and means by which we can protect the crop from spoilage and rot, which gives us a good crop free from any disease. These methods include:
Pruning the branches that weaken and affect the growth of fruits and leaves.
Get rid of weeds that grow under the tree, and thus get rid of some types of insects.
Spraying fruits, leaves and branches with insecticides, which kills the fungi and the aphids on them.
Applying suitable compost, which in turn promotes fruit growth.
When the fruits are about to ripen, they are wrapped in paper bags to prevent the fruits from drying out,
Given that there are small holes in the paper bags to allow air in.
Remove leaves that show signs of disease first hand to prevent them from spreading to the rest of the leaves.

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